Carrying Several Passports, is it only for the 007?

Carrying Several Passports, is it only for the 007?

Carrying several passports it’s no longer merely for international agents of the 007 variety. In today´s world, more and more ordinary people have taken to carrying several passports for reasons varying from convenience, finances, and work to recent terrorist threats and security. An average artist has Italian and Argentinean passports and just recently added an American one. Working for an airline company, having different passports helps him avoid long lines. 
Another person, who is a citizen of two countries, decides on what passport to use depending on the destination. Frankly, for some countries, it’s definitely easier not to be a U.S. citizen, for example.
Many people, especially from the U.S., qualify for dual citizenship and have no idea. People can get a second passport due to ethnicity, religion, or country of birth – just to name a few.
One advantage of having a second passport is for work. It can allow you to work with no restrictions in many countries and to cover up where you´ve been. 
Before getting dual passports, it´s imperative to assess both potential military service assignments and taxes. Many choose not to dual passports even though they have two nationalities because of mandatory military. 
Second passports can also make traveling easier. For example, having a contentious last name can be a good reason for traveling with a passport that is more ambiguous, rather than one that can be linked to “terrorism”. A lot of people, for instance, would rather not be identified as American. It’s also preferable not to travel with an American passport: it makes travelers feel unsafe and often visas are more expensive too.
Two main reasons that people are getting additional passports are still globalization and marriage to immigrants. No matter what the reason may be, it is certain the number of people with more than one passport will increase.

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